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NEW—COVID-19 and the Workplace

With businesses in many regions reopening, there will be challenges. "COVID-19 and the Workplace" is an online seminar to help businesses and their employees successfully face these challenges. This seminar will be customized for your business.

Business Consulting

We know that effective communication within any company can be challenging. With the COVID-19 environment, these challenges have gotten greater! Poor communication is a hindrance to overall productivity. We understand how easily miscommunications can occur. Businesses that have difficulties communicating between management, employees, and even potential customers run the risk of low productivity and profit levels. Ultimately, without effective communication within a company, profits can plummet!

Improve sales through effective business communication. Our exceptional seminars offer your employees an in-depth way to understand your potential customers, and thus help to improve management and productivity. We offer business owners and managers our expertise. Our training includes "Undercover Customers/Undercover Potential Clients" to provide additional feedback. Call for an initial consultation and receive effective professional guidance on real solutions to communication issues. Maximize your most valuable asset—people!

Professional Business Training

Keeping up with a constantly changing world can be daunting. Stay competitive with our up-to-date business training solutions. We offer professional on- and off-site development training. Receive customized training packages that cater to your specific business. Choose either one-time or ongoing training for more effective business management skills. Start with an initial consultation to discuss the design of your custome business training solutions. We offer solutions focused on various business aspects including:

• COVID-19 and the Workplace
The Art of Public Speaking
• Customer Interaction

• Inter-Company Communications
• Business Skills Training


RJohnson.NET provides customized training to suit your business.  Therefore, fees will vary according to the training package selected, group size, and whether training is provided onsite or offsite.  Contact us for details.

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